FPV (or First Person View) is one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world.  Thanks to access to low-cost remote control devices such as drones, its easy to get a first-person view as if you are sitting in the seat of their remote control device.  Using a camera on the radio control device and connecting it to the Cinemizer as the viewfinder, one can get a real sensation of being the driver.  The low power consumption of the OLED display and the integrated battery enable several hours of flying fun. The optional Eye Shield for the Cinemizer makes daytime flying very clear by blocking out ambient light from the daytime sun.

FPV can also be used in many professional applications, e.g. hard-to-reach objects can be observed with a remote-controlled aircraft. An appropriately equipped helicopter enables a fire department to quickly gain an overview of the situation and make the correct decisions as quickly as possible.